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This is Durham Takes Action. We unite all varieties of community groups and charities. Working together we accomplish more and waste less.

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Our Current

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Partner/Campaign Details

Sustainable Durham

It has been a privilege for us to have worked on many proejcts with Sustainable Durham.
This group is working as a collective to make sustainable living more accessible and affordable in Durham Region. These are some of the main goals of Durham Takes Action so we hope that we can soon be fully integrated with all that SD is doing. There wwil soon be a Food Not Bombs chapter here, they run the Really Really Free Market, and are working on Gardens and other Growing initiatives across the city.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please contact us. Feel free to use the email link, or fill out this form.

We welcome new partners in whatever capacity they find most mutually helpful.
We welcome people of all ages, races, abilities, status, beliefs, orientation, and otherwise.